The history of our company

MOVIRELAX ITALIA S.r.l. is the company set up as a result of the partnership between two historic businesses in Italy: Multirelax Italia S.r.l., established in 1999 in the heart of Brianza and a leading company in the production of relaxing and massaging liftchairs and Movi S.p.A., a historic firm in the distribution of medical products.

This union has led to the establishment of a company which will continue pursuing the same objective as always, i.e. providing valuable support and guaranteeing people’s independence, but with greater strength and a fresh look at new distribution channels and advanced technological innovation.

Movirelax will continue pursuing the aim of offering its excellent craftsmanship which is strongly linked to the area, thus becoming an important point of reference in the world of well-being, relaxation and products made in Italy.
All the products shown in the catalogue are the result of years of experience, experimentation and constant contact with end users – factors which have enabled us to seamlessly improve the quality and comfort of our liftchairs.

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